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Blog Revivalism

October 26, 2014

I’ve made several attempts at reviving blogs. Turns out I’m just bad at it.

But, now that I’m working regularly, I’m going to try to just start off my work days with a little blog post. Mostly to keep track of what my girls are up to.

Last blog post here, there was one kid. Now there are two. Eloise is 5 months old and SUPER RAD.

Here’s her latest:


Sitting herself up from lying on her belly.

Rolling all over the place

Almost crawling.

She’s suddenly ticklish and cackles when I blow on her belly.

Also, she’s the cutest thing ever. And she loooooves her sister.

Which brings me to Addie. She’s 3 now and basically the sweetest kid ever. Lately she:

Cleans house with out being asked (sweeps the floor, wipes the counter, throws garbage away, folds laundry). She loves being a big sister – she helps with diapers, helps Elsie play and sit up and keeps small toys and things away from her. She’s learning the alphabet and numbers, she’s starting to write and draw things that are recognizable. She loves water slides and swimming. She decided to be a Fairy Queen for Halloween and wore a black, gothy fairy dress with black wings and I did her make up: smokey eyes with some designs across her forehead, and she carried a pinwheel as her magic wand.

I’m sick right now with a sinus infection (gross), and she’s been making sure I have a blanket, food, tea, hugs, asking if her efforts are helping me to feel better. ❤ ❤ ❤ She’s super great.

Here’s to more blogging and less facebooking.


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  1. October 26, 2014 1:25 pm

    I would love to follow you here on wordpress. I blog too. Blogging is much more fun than facebook!

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