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Traveling Family

August 19, 2011

We took the babe to Seattle for a few days. Brave, right?

I had a work thing, and Jared always has work in Seattle – so up we went, with our 5 week old nugget. I got to take her to my work stuff, and she was perfect. She slept a lot, and just hung out quietly a lot.

On Wednesday, she and I went chocolate tasting with my co-workers, then we went to the EMP/Sci-Fi Museum. It was pretty awesome. I’m feeling proud that her first Sci-Fi experience happened at 5 weeks. My dad raised me right on Marvel cartoons and Twilight Zone and other assorted sci-fi flicks. Actually, he took me to see the Fly at the drive-in when I was about 5… in retrospect that was probably a moment of poor judgment, but I’m sure it has helped shape who I am today. I’m hoping I can do the same for Addie (with out scaring the bejeezus out of her).

Addie hits EMP

^ Yes, Addie wore our admission sticker on her back. What a champ.

Clearly, she was alert and enjoying her time at the museum. She got to see the Space Needle too. And by “see” I mean “sleep while I walked by.”

Us and Jake Sully

Our trip was three nights, each night in a different place. She was awesome. I got decent sleep, she maintained her typical night time schedule, and totally didn’t freak out or have some sort of stress induced meltdown.  Did I mention that I think she is awesome? We stayed at our friends Louie and Becky’s house, with their 11 month old little dude-let Charlie. I held Charlie and later almost cried about it. He’s a giant. A huge monster baby person… and Addie will get that big some day too. And that is sad for me to think about right now.

The second night we stayed in a hotel and Addie was silent the entire time. I was worried that she would suddenly have a fight of loud crying. Nope.

Third night was in Olympia with our friend Jess and her mom, Claudia, and 4 dogs, a cat and a bird. Addie was fine. Strangers holding her? Cool. Dogs slobbering her? Cool. I was really impressed actually with what a natural mama Jess was. She doesn’t have kids, but I was really excited about how she was with Addie. Plus, she and her mom and Addie had matching outfits.

Three generations of stripes

Then she and I both slept the whole drive home. Meaning that Jared drove all the way like a champ. Love him too ❤

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  1. August 19, 2011 6:08 pm

    i don’t have anything to comment but that i read your posts and i love following your new mama life ❤ keep writing about your adventures!

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