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The last diaper.

August 15, 2011

It’s 4:15am and I just used the last diaper.

We are cloth diapering, so that means there are always more diapers, the question is are there any clean, dry diapers.

I’m sure there are some in the dryer all warm and fluffy just begging to be strapped to a baby butt. And if there’s not J just might be in the dog house. We have a system: I wake up incessantly feeding and diapering the baby at night, and he sprays the diaper poop into the toilet and does the baby laundry at a non-god-forsaken time. It works well for us. Until there is a break down and I fly off the handle (I blame sleep deprivation).
(That actually doesn’t really happen, the handle flying.)

Anyway, hold it in little baby.

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