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Spirit of Consistency

August 12, 2011

I don’t actually have much to post about today, but for the sake of consistency and forming a new habit of posting regularly, I’m here babbling.

Let’s see, I sat around feeding the baby incessantly today.

I’m gathering that this may be the sum total of my life for a while.

Actually, we had a nice day. My friend CJ came over for most of the day with her super rad nearly 4 year old daughter, Viola. Viola and Jared have a pretty special thing going on. She adores him, its really sweet.

CJ held Addie for a while so I could take a nice long shower. My big news for the day is that I shaved my legs. Victory!

We hung out in the house for a while and when the sun finally came out we took a stroll down to our creek. It was Addie’s first time at the creek. She loved it/slept through the entire experience.

Later Jared and I and baby drove around looking for ripe blackberries to pick. He picked berries and I was either feeding Adeline or standing around doing the baby sway dance to keep her appeased. It’s a whole new world, mommying. All encompassing and inescapable. I like it.

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