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Ode to Tyler

February 22, 2011

This one goes out to Tyler, our barn cat. He is the raddest cat. On earth. Period.

When we got him he was 100% wicked crazy, hissing, spatting, clawing feral. Now he snuggles like a love bug, wrestles playfully with the puppy, pays his respectful visits to the girl cats, and keeps our property relatively free of pests.

Today, he revved up the awesome a little.

I saw him sitting outside on the deck, and noticed that something had caught his attention. He went running out toward the chicken pen, thank god, and shooed away a hawk that was in the process of trying to kill on of our hens. The hawk had swooped the hen and had it pinned to the ground. Our little man Tyler is a hero!

He loves his hens. He eats out of their grain feeder with them and lets them swarm all over him and peck his fluffy tail. He truly is a one of a kind kitty.

Love you dude.

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