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GOP’s Rape Re-Definition

February 1, 2011

This strikes a nerve for me. The sexual violation of women is just not taken seriously by enough people in this country. But, in this case, I think about a man.

My brother’s best friend was drugged and raped and killed three years ago. Because of the sexual assault his killer’s penalty is much higher than for murder alone. This was a horrible, heinous crime, and it would be the end of me and my family and so many of my brother’s friends to see this monster get off easy.

The precedent set by this redefinition, regardless of the implied confines of the bill (definition of “forcible rape” in regards to access to federal funding for abortion) opens a flood gate for arguments in favor of rapists who drug women, or men, and force themselves on them.

If federal funding no longer acknowledges drugged rape as ‘forcible rape’, why should a court of law? What, so long as you weren’t coherent enough to defend yourself, it must not have been that bad? This whole idea, and its implications, reach too far.

For anyone who has endured this violation, or for those who’ve been there for friends and family who have endured this violation, lessening it’s severity – in any arena, be it social, legal, or for federal funding – is just too inhuman to consider.

Please, regardless of your stance on abortion after rape, please speak up against this bill. Women and men have this basic human right to live life with out sexual violation. And should they suffer these crimes against them to, at the very least, have a drugged rape be recognized for what it is: forcible rape.


Sign the petition at to help stop this from happening:

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 1, 2011 4:54 pm

    R.I.P. D.C.W.

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