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Led Astray By The FDA

January 27, 2011

Sounds like the makings of a Ramones song…

Or, just everyone’s worst nightmare. I know there are those of you out there that need to pop a blood pressure pill at the thought of the crimes of the FDA.

Then, pill in hand, you realize you’ve been led astray by the FDA. Again.

So, have a rest, drink a glass of water, do your breathing exercises and get that blood pressure down with out that “safe”, FDA approved blood pressure pill. Because, really, we all know that shit will kill you.

My (super awesome) cousin Beverly is having her own hate/hate… hate relationship with the FDA right now as she struggles for her health and her life after the devastating affects of “safe”, FDA approved breast implants.

This is a healthy, vibrant woman in her early 30’s. She suddenly, last year, became – literally – deathly ill, and no one could tell her why. It was so scary. I can tell you I spent my fair share of time crying over it, and it wasn’t even happening to me. She hasn’t been able to go out, or walk, or stand with balance, much less work or have any semblance of a normal, healthy life.

The MDs wanted to give her anti-biotics and drugs and pills, which just would have killed her. She went to a naturopathic doctor who recognized that she had some serious issues going on with chemical toxicity, mold, systemic yeast and adrenal fatigue. After months of herbal treatments, which were working, the mold was just not going away. Her problems persisted.

Then, the scary part. They pinpointed it to her breast implants. Her “safe”, FDA approved, Saline breast implants. They had molded and were leaching a deadly cocktail of toxic chemicals into her body.

She’s had them removed, and is on the slow road to recovery.

Please keep her in your thoughts, and please visit her blog. Not content to be a victim, she’s made it her own personal mission to educate and warn women of the dangers of implants and cosmetic surgery. Show some love and support, and most importantly, please – please spread the word. Pass her blog on to women you know. Even if they’re “not the type” to get implants, they’ll know someone who is. They are not in any way safe. And no woman should feel like a newer, perkier set of breasts will make them prettier or more attractive… or happier.

We are all born beautiful and perfect. Beverly is absolutely knock out gorgeous, the last thing she needed was ‘enhancement’. We can stop the cultural cycle of women feeling like they need to be ‘enhanced’ to look ‘better’. Our current cultural standard for beauty is ridiculous. Love yourself, be healthy, be fit. And BE HAPPY WITH THAT.

Please let the people in your life know, they are beautiful as they are.



Bev’s blog:

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  1. January 27, 2011 10:55 am

    now you made Me cry 🙂 Then I read your pig blog and it totally made me laugh. that would drive anybody mad, as a pregnant lady I can’t imagine! thanks for your unending support.

  2. January 27, 2011 11:31 am

    I had no idea implants could mold – what an awful thing to have to go through. I’m so glad they figured out what was causing the issue, but YIKES.

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