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A Look In Utero

January 3, 2011
Baby Linz 12-27-10

Baby Linz 12-27-10

Now, being that there was some misunderstanding about one of these ultrasound pics, I’m going to give the tour of each shot, to make sure our collective minds stay out of the gutter.

But first, of course, I’ll put your mind right in that gutter. A darling friend, who will remain unidentified at the present time, mistook the bottom right shot as a ‘gender id’ shot…. For all those with their minds on marshmallows and kittens and fuzzy baby giraffes and rainbows… you should see a profile shot of the baby’s face and body and a little tiny hand (complete with 4 fingers and a thumb) up by his face. Unidentified friend made some amazing (AMAZING) comment about “how could there be any question?? Looks like a boy to me… It’s like a candlestick!”

…annnnd, onto the tour.

Top left shot: Baby profile, head (with teeth!!!) and body. The dot by his face is a hand. Apparently that one has no fingers.

No, its just in the background, I made the Dr. find all the fingers.

Top right shot: Baby profile, from the opposite direction, head, face (nose), body. That last bit is a leg.

Bottom left shot: That’s a moderately creepy front shot. Two hemispheres of the brain (largely empty actually, this is yet to be concerning as the smarts fill in later). You can see disproportionately large black eyes and a nose/mouth thing. This just really isn’t that great of a picture. Why not forget you saw it.

Bottom right… I think we covered that one.

For all that you can ID on this little baby, its hard to believe he’s just 3 months along, and the size of a lemon. A little tiny fruit-sized miracle.

Seeing him moving around on the ultrasound was unreal. Coolest experience of my life. He was rolling around, punching, kicking, hiccuping! I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that all of this was going on in my belly and I can’t feel it! So excited to meet the little one… or, first things first, feel him moving for the first time. ❤

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  1. ryan permalink
    January 3, 2011 3:43 pm

    too cute. so excited!

  2. January 3, 2011 5:26 pm

    I still say you’re having twins: 1 baby and 1 bird (as seen in ultrasound pic #4).

  3. January 4, 2011 7:34 am

    So cute! I love looking at early ultrasounds. I didn’t get one until 20 weeks, so I missed out on seeing the tiny lemon-baby or gummy-bear stages.

    Also, yes with the creepy brain shot – we have a couple that look like Skeletor, so weird! The one of the tiny hand and thumb is so great.

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