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Change in the Goat Lineup

October 11, 2010

We’ve had yet another change in the goat lineup. The 2 big ladies and one baby have gone to a new home. That would be, Merri, Juniper, and Dandi – the lamanchas. A woman out here in Estacada bought them, and is giving them the sweet life. The ladies live in a huge horse barn, they have their very own stall, across from the boy-goats’ stall. They all have access to a large pasture area. The whole property is beautiful.

I have some chronic tendonitis issues in my arms and Jared had taken over all of the milking duties. When I did go out to milk, wrangling them was really difficult for me. They’re bitches. And they’re bigger than me. And we just don’t have the right set up (indoor, multiple gates/rooms) for me to be able to handle big ornery goats on my own.

We thought about it for a long while, what kinds of goats would work best for us. It’s been a work in progress, figuring out who/what works here on the farm. A big learning experience, certainly.

We decided to go with Nigerian Dwarf goats. They’re small, reaching an average weight of 60 to 80 pounds. We had one Nigerian doe already, Acorn. With part of the money we made on the lamancha ladies, we bought 2 Nigerian Dwarf does to round out the herd again. They are young, and adorable. Their names for now are Aquilla and Whisper. Although, “Whisper” seems more like a facetious, ironic name, since she’s the loudest animal on the farm. We’re open to other names, so if you’re dying to have a goat named after you, just let me know 🙂

All three does will be bred in the next 8 weeks, and hopefully we’ll have lots of baby goatlets running around in the spring.

We kept Amerst…. because we’re saps. He’s literally the only animal here that doesn’t serve a purpose- aside from eating and pooping. Some day if we have a goat buck on the farm, he’ll be the buck buddy.

Pics of the new ladies soon!!

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