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October 4, 2010

Hello friends. The blog and I had a falling out, and I had to take a “break”.

Actually, we’ve just been really busy. Here’s the quick rundown of the last month:

* Hosted Jay and Jessi’s wedding at the farm. It was beautiful. When I get my hands on some photos, I’ll post them.

* My mom and stepdad moved from So.Cal. to Oregon!

* Jared and I bought a canoe, from which we will continue to catch no fish.

* We camped at Timothy Lake – Pics of ridiculous half nude fishing, and epic vegan wheat-free smores can be found on my flickr.

* We also camped at Detroit Lake, with the canoe (and no fish).

* Our pear trees exploded a total of about 80 pears. And the apple trees have dropped over 100 apples, and are still going strong.

* I learned to can food using a variety of methods. Hopefully, when it comes time to eat the food I’ve canned, we will find it well preserved, and won’t die from bacterial poisoning.

* The weather here has been absolutely stunning. And I’ve been soaking up copious amounts of vitamin D.

* We went to Seattle over the weekend to visit some old friends of mine and had a blast.

On a sad note, something that deserves more than just a bullet point: One of our barn kitties died. It was sad. I have been sad about it. She is now resting in the ferns.

Rest in Peace Sophie


xo, Sophie


I’ve been on the look out for a suitable friend for Tyler, our other barn kitty. He is a lover and totally needs another cat out there with him. I may have found his friend today on craigslist – she’s a 4 year old tabby mama barn cat. Totally easy going, and totally polydactyl, which I totally approve of! Do us a favor, and keep your fingers crossed for a great buddy for Tyler. Sophie was his mom, and he deserves a really special friend.

Now that I just sucked it up and posted most of our updates in one concise posting, I feel less overwhelmed, and can now continue to blog regularly.



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  1. October 8, 2010 12:41 am

    RIP, beautiful Sophie.

    Also, I am so envious of you! Our apple tree did basically nothing, which is probably because I gave it basically no water. Live and learn for next season.

  2. Lorrie permalink
    October 25, 2010 5:00 pm

    Good luck on finding a perfect kitty friend. If you still haven’t found the one yet, I will have some kitties to choose from in about 6 weeks if you like, light and dark grey tigers.

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