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The baby birds graduated

August 12, 2010

The babies we had in the garage are in the big-kid coop now. We finished the newer, bigger area for the older birds. New coop, and newly reinforced fencing in the little goat pen. Their wings are clipped and they are out with the goats now. This freed up their old area, so we put the babies out there. They were so happy to be outside in the dirt for the first time. It was fun watching them scratch around, and run around chasing each other.

It’s a weird thing, raising chicks. They have to be kept very warm and very safe. So ultimately, that means you keep them in a box in the barn or garage with a heat lamp. So for them, today was their first time ever outside, ever on dirt, and ever in more space than a medium sized box. It was a happy, sweet thing.

In other news, our apple tree erupted. The apples are small, but they’re so sweet!! I was taking some that had fallen and giving them to the goats and Tango. They were small, so I figured sour as well. I took a bite of one and felt this overwhelming need to bake an apple pie!

Next up is the pears, they’re about ready to be picked.

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