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Goat House

July 25, 2010

We built a house!

And by we, I mean Jared. And by house, I mean goat hut. I did help though. (<– pats self on back)

We have a vision for the lay out of the property, and this was step one. We’re taking what is now the original goat hut and turning it into the chicken coop. And for the goats, we built their new hut off the side of their old hut. Next up is the coop remodel, which our interior designer friend, Garrison, has so kindly offered to help with. Design-wise. It’ll be the chic-est coop on earth. I’m thinking soothing neutral tones and natural wood trim. Rustic, with that “makes me want to lay eggs” feel to it. But ultimately it’s up to Garrison.

(Ok, yes that is all in jest. We have a gay rooster who we named after Garrison, who immediately said “well now I need to design the roost.” Amazing.)

Now, in reality. The real hut we just built:

Goat hut

The whole building

I built the gate!

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