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We Be Jammin’

July 24, 2010


I think. Well, yes. I did. You know, I don’t like the super set, ultra-gelatinous kind of jam anyway.

No, I’m kidding a little. It set just fine, to a ‘correct’ consistency. But it isn’t that weird gelatinous clump like in Better Off Dead. You know the green thing with “raisins in it. You like raisins” that kind of glides off the table…

This is my soon-to-be-famous EasySpread Jam ™. I’m sure I’m the first person to use that name, too.

OK, but really, it turned out good. Not too runny, not too rubber cement-y. But really people, I could not believe how much sugar you put in jam. It was 4 cups (but thanks to the Hungry Hungry Hubby here, I had 3.5 cups) of mashed raspberries and 6.5 cups of sugar.  (!!) And pectin – which ultimately is just more sugar. So, it sure is sweet. And delicious. Or: Deelis-ee-us as my grandma says while impersonating my brother when he was 3.

And here are the pics:

Boiling the sugar-with-a-little-bit-of-fruit concoction

Poured into jars

Definitely using the proper equipment next time…

Anticlimactic food porn photo. Rice cakes = gramma panties.

And the obligatory “cat in a basket” pic, taken this afternoon.

She does it on purpose, the whole "adorable gig". She knows it keeps her fed.

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  1. July 24, 2010 6:41 pm

    Who can resist a bowl of fresh raspberries??!! I am not to blame..

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