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The River Runneth Dry

July 24, 2010

Dry of fish at least. We went to Farraday Lake (yeah, not a river), which was freshly stocked with 1 inch/1 ounce beebee fish. Townie legend says that there are actual, full-sized trout in there. These mysterious beasts lie dormant on the floor of the lake, growing and swelling for their eventual world domination. So, it is imperative that we fishermen and women catch them before they reach their full potential. For the sake of humanity.

But what ends up happening is the little 1 inch/1 ounce beebee fishies just nibble your bait away with out a ripple from the bobber. Twenty minutes later (or a thousand eons, depending on what’s on your mind, or whether or not you just watched Inception) you reel it up to cast out elsewhere only to discover that you’ve been baitless for probably 18 of those 2o minutes (or 900 of those thousand eons).

Basically, we had a nice sit down by the lake. Caught nothing. But it was beautiful and a nice evening anyway.

(But you little bastards better look out, we’re coming out with PowerBait next time)

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