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Heritage Chicks

July 2, 2010

I’m not talking about pilgrim babes, either. Get your mind out of that country gutter.

We got some Mottled Java chicks. They’re extremely endangered. According to what I’ve read, they’re the second oldest domesticated breed of chicken in America. We got 4 of them, and we’ll be on the hunt for a rooster soon as well so we can breed them next spring. They’re little tiny guys now, and super adorable.

We also got 2 Cuckoo Marans, they’re a french bird that lays “chocolate” (dark, dark brown) eggs. We’ll breed them next spring as well.

Pics to come soon.

In other news, I know I joked about our riding mower RIPing… but now I’m serious. The thing died on us. Engine seized, outta commish, sionara. We’re selling it for parts, and buying a bigger, newer, badasser one. Yeah, badasser.

Also, we’ve been working on the new goat pen. It’s about a full quarter acre of roaming, grass nibbling space, with a reinforced metal shed, thanks to carpenter Jared, for the goats to hang out in. We’ll move them out there on Sunday, and finally (!!!) separate the babies to wean. Lord almighty, it’s about time. Amherst is a fat turd.

The garden is finally coming to life, and with the sprouting food, came a whole garden full of grass (insert smug face). Next on the tool purchase line up is some sort of hoe to scrape the grass out. But we have strawberries, sweet peas, potatoes, lettuce and green onions. The sweet peas are blowing my mind. I never thought store bought ones were sweet… now I get it. Ours are so sweet! Some of the lettuce comes out this weekend. So excited to eat it. Maybe a lettuce, sweet pea, green onion and strawberry salad is in order.

I planted more lettuce and more onions this week too. Loving summer….


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  1. Lee permalink
    November 11, 2010 8:00 pm

    I have two pure molted java roosters. I’ve never shipped any but from what I understand, the USPS has to ship them pretty quick. LEE
    Put on Subject line Molted Javas

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