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June 8, 2010

With the recent passing of Old Cat, our trusty barn mouser, we’d discovered that we have a bit of a problem. Field mice, fleeing the field for the sanctuary of the newly unguarded barn. The greyhounds, our hunting dogs, are worthless in this department. They take their retirement very seriously.

We were hoping to find some friendly-ish, outdoor cats for free, but then with vaxing and neutering, etc. It would be like $100 each… So I put an ad out on craigslist looking for cats that were all ready to go, and free. And, voila! Ten minutes later I have 5 emails of people with cats that need homes. Kind of sad really… but at least we’re able to take two. Someone dropped off a bunch of cats on this woman’s farm, and before she could catch and fix them all, she had lots more cats… then lots more… and so on and so forth. She seems to be in a perpetual state of trapping>fixing>vaxing>rehoming, all for free. She’s bringing them to our house tomorrow and says they’re great hunters. So, mice-be-gone.

We’ve also had a bit of a change in the goat line up. Ivy and Fern, our Oberhaslis (Swiss Milk Goats) were getting pretty beat up by Merri, our LaMancha alpha bruiser doe. Apparently, nobody got the memo about Merri being the only goat in world allowed to eat food. Or stand, or walk or breathe. Little Fern, the 4 month old Ober, got a pretty good shiner from Merri… poor thing’s eye was swollen half shut, and Ivy, was looking a little thin from being deprived, by Merri, of hay and grains. I found a nice new home for the girls, up in Washington, with a woman who keeps goats as pets. She came and picked them up today, and is going to send me pics and keep me posted on how they’re doing. I told her that if it’s not going well, to let me know and I’d come pick them up and figure out how to separate them all. They were kind of our favorites of the bunch, so mild mannered and sweet. I’m glad to know they’re in a good home that will send me updates.

And with that, our herd is a little short. We’re building them a huge pen, and it will be weird with just 3 goats out there. We found 2 LaMancha does nearby. The girl who has them is young, and is headed off to college and her parents asked her to rehome her goats before she leaves. It’s another mama/daughter pair, and the mom is still milking. So we’ll have lots of milk. Luckily, we have some friends who are becoming pretty regular milk customers and we’re moving a lot of it out. Pics to come soon, of course. I’m picking the newbies up on Friday. Hopefully, because they’re the same size and breed, Merri won’t pick on them as much. If she does, we may have to reconsider her place in the herd, which might break me a little because I kind of love her.

In other news, the garden is suffering. Sadly. It’s been raining non-stop. I heard somewhere that this is the wettest May we’ve had here since 1940. Everyone’s gardens are suffering. Hopefully, the weather will turn around and the garden will make a recovery. I still have hope for a decent harvest.

Lastly, I’ll just leave you with these. Try not to burst with joy and love and cuteness overload.

Every day. The adorableness is wearing me down, soon I'll be a puddle of gooshy love and kindness and gentleness.

I never stood a chance.

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