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Old Cat

May 27, 2010

Old Cat came with the house. She’s about 20 years old. She lived on the second floor of what is now the goat house. A couple weeks ago we noticed that she’d lost use of her back leg and couldn’t climb the ladder to her little house anymore. So we moved her into a more appropriate senior living situation, took her house and food downstairs and made her a new little place to live behind the barn. She’s gone downhill rapidly and I think today is her day to move on.

It’s a strange feeling being involved in this cat’s death. Really, Jared and I aren’t that much older than her. She’s lived on this property for 20 years more than we have. We’ve been meaning to plant a memorial garden for our animals, and now we have a more urgent reason to. I imagine that by the weekend, she’ll be buried out in the field. Right now, she’s in a kittie bed that I made for her, lying in the sun. She’s gone downhill so much even just since this morning. Poor old lady. It really does break my heart.

Think good thoughts for Old Cat as we help her along in her final journey.


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  1. lisey permalink
    May 28, 2010 3:36 pm

    godspeed, Old Cat. may you be playing in fields of catnip and slow mice.

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