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RIP Riding Lawnmower

May 11, 2010

Rest in peace. And what I mean is: rest. Like a nap. Not like “swimming with the fishes” or “waiting at the rainbow bridge” or whatever other pleasant synonyms for death you have up your sleeve.

The nut at the end of the fuel line (pressure valve maybe?) came off. Upon replacing it, the mower drained an entire tank of gas through that nut. There once was a little piece inside of the nut that prevented the gasoline from exiting, and that is now lost to the field. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Of needles.

So the mower rests. The lawn rejoices.The goats feast. And we go on a wild “thingie that goes in the nut” chase.

Speaking of goats, we just may have another lil’ someone for you to meet. Coming soon.


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