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Soul Sisters Gone Bad

May 10, 2010

Finn and Banjo had a little spat today. A little sisterly quarrel. Or, to put it more honestly, Banjo attacked Finn and ripped her a few new ones.

Banjo’s got this thing… when she’s running with another dog, she thinks it’s funny to grab at their faces and throats while running upwards of 30 miles per hour. Teeth catch. Skin snags. Blood sprays everywhere and she goes in for the kill.

Ok, not usually that last part, but she has put several holes in Finn in the five years that they’ve been together. Today she put a hole in Finn, Finn screamed, and Banjo, like any decent pack dog, attacked her. I’ve never seen it happen before. These girls have never fought. They’re supposed to be soul sisters. But the natural instinct for a pack animal is to eliminate the weakest member of the pack. And Finn screaming and bleeding set off this primal urge for Banjo to do away with her. Let me just say, that Banjo would NEVER hurt anyone, this behavior is isolated to running at top speed with another dog.

Luckily, we saw it happen and yelled and the attack ended, just like that. But Finn was yelping and whimpering. I ran out to the field where they were and sure ‘nough: a big fat hole in her throat, 2 smaller ones on her neck, and one in her leg. They weren’t the marks of a dog who’d been attacked for the purpose of death… it’s more like Banjo’s killer instinct kicked in, and she tried to suppress it. The bites weren’t deep, but they were big enough to need medical attention.

Now, a few weeks ago, Finn tore her forehead open somehow and had staples in her face until a few days ago… Now she just has a funny bald/scar patch. Today, she got 4 staples in her throat and 4 or 5 in her neck. Poor thing – I can tell she’s in a lot of pain. She’ll get the good drugs tonight.

Send some happy, healing thoughts her way.

Finn, sans staples

Soul sisters, sharing a jar of PB.

Loving each other ferociously


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