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Circle of Life

April 17, 2010

Just realized, now that we’re on a septic system, and growing our own food… we have a little micro-eco-system-circle of life, food, poop, fertilizer thing going on. Not to get too detailed, but our “waste” does stay in the septic tank, just to be clear. I guess my point is that it will grow up from the ground, then ends up back there eventually. And yeah, I don’t know why I’m thinking about this.

Jared: while you’re away on business, I think about poo. Nice.

What a lovely introduction to the rest of my post for today.

I planted some stuff in the garden. It doesn’t look flashy now… because they’re just seeds in the ground. But there it is:

That bit of darker area is the part I tilled up yesterday morning. My blisters are telling me that a rototiller is in my future. Someday. The area is actually now twice as big as what’s in the photo. I just don’t have a pic of the finished product.

So, I planted some seed potatoes. That’s a funny thing. I bought a 5 pound bag of seed potatoes. They’re basically old potatoes that started getting sprouty. Before you plant them, you cut them up, so you have multiple pieces – the trick is that each piece you plant has to have at least one “eye,”or, the sprouty part. I did feel funny burying cut up chunks of potato. Next up I need to cover them with hay, before it starts getting hot. That may correspond nicely with getting hay for our goats next month.

Next I planted about 80 onions. We bought little “onion sets” a few weeks back. As far as I can tell, the little bulb you plant yields one yellow onion, or if you pluck it up early, you get green onions, the long kind. Apparently, when they’re about 6″ tall, so you can pull them and get green onions, or, if you wait til the 6″ part dries up and dies, you’ll pull up a big fat dry yellow onion.

Next up was the butterhead lettuce. These won’t grow into the heat of the summer, I don’t think. So, we’ll plant again in 3 weeks to have a longer harvest, and then maybe one more time. But then we’ll be running out of cool weather by the time the last batch is mature.

Tomorrow, I plant some carrots. And I have some celery plants inside that I might put outside as well. I’m also planting a few things inside. Like I said before, Maybie the kitten ate one of my tomato plants, and only lived to tell the tale because she’s so damn cute, so I’m going to plant a few more seeds and see if I can’t get some plants up in time to put outside. I’m also thinking about jalapenos 🙂

Next week, when J is back we’ll do the beans. I need to pick up some fence posts so we can put up some wire fencing for all of the beans to grow on.

I also bought a little basil plant today, as well as a mint plant. The basil seeds I planted aren’t doing so hot. It’s been plenty of time for a baby basil sprout to be growing up, and for some reason, it just sprouted yesterday. It should have been way farther along. So we’ll see about that guy. In the meantime, I watched all of the episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu yesterday and today, and he keeps teaching people how to make stir fry. So, of course, I got a wicked craving, ran into town and bought rice noodles, some veggies, tofu, and those basil and mint plants. I have to have those herbs readily available, at all times, if I’m going to be watching Jamie’s show and getting these stir fry cravings.

Likely, much less fancy than Jamie's. But yummy anyway!

Just think, someday I could have almost all of those things in my garden! And we all know that tofu grows on trees and rains down from the sky, so we’re good.


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  1. Amanda Pants permalink
    April 21, 2010 9:00 pm

    Do you guys have a compost bin set up yet? I want to hear about that. And see the worms.

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