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Tree-lets, volume 2.

April 12, 2010

A quickie update on the fruit trees:

Baby tree, planted and decorated

We planted almost all of the trees. The digging takes a lot longer than I had imagined it would. That grass is really resistant to being uprooted. I mean, really resistant. Then once I get past the grass I have to deal with the rocks. For each little hole I dug for the trees, I pulled out about as many rocks as you see in the photo. Some of them we’re really big and required a massive excavation crew.

Ok, I exaggerate. But a few of them were the size of oddly shaped basketballs. It feels funny to jam the shovel full force into a giant river rock. When I’m 75, I’ll attribute my arthritis to my digging days. That said, it was FUN. I really loved planting our baby trees. I have 1 of the almond trees left to plant. I’m still deciding where it goes. I also planted one raspberry bush. Left to go are the remaining raspberries and the wine grapes.

Digging, for the sake of the homestead

Take that, turf.

You know how they say “the watched pot never boils?” I’ll tell you now, it’s way worse with baby trees. I need to find it deep with in myself to kind of forget that I planted them. Otherwise, it’s going to drive me crazy. I need to put up some stakes and give them a little support, then I can forget them. And then, by some magic, before I even know it, I’ll have more fruits and nuts than I can shake a stick at.


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  1. May 2, 2010 8:56 am

    Hopefully you do not have deer and elk problems like we do on the coast (near yachats). All of our little trees like that have been decimated if not surrounded by a little wire fence. Not to scare you, just a warning!

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