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Chickens, volume 2 and 3.

April 12, 2010

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s been four days since team LinzMoody has posted anything to Ranch Life, however will I survive.” Fret not, we’ve been hard at work – dreaming of getting a chance to post the latest, yet not quite attaining an adequate amount of that ever-elusive “free time” that we seem to remember having, in a life long, long ago – in a place, concrete and barren. I think we feel a little under pressure to get set up for the growing season. It’s also “chick season” so there are an abundance of hens, chicks, roosters, etc. who are being given away on craigslist.  And since we’re only really interested in “rehoming” birds, versus buying from a feed store or the like, we’re taking the opportunity now. Even though we’re slightly under prepared.

So, I posted about the chicks that we got. They’re still cooking up under their heat lamp in the garage. And they’re getting big fast! Shortly after that, I met a family on craigslist looking to lose a few of their birds, they just felt that they had too many. So we went over there: NICEST people. What a treat… their children were beautiful and polite and well behaved and helped around the farm. And they had a lot of gear around that they sold us for really cheap. We got 7′ and 6′ T-Posts for $1 each ($7 new), chicken feeders for $10 ($50 new), and he’s going to sell us a 100′ roll of 4′ field fencing for $30 (that’s wicked cheap). When we were leaving their farm, his wife said to come on over any time and if we ever need anything to call them first because they probably have an extra they can give to us.



People like that don’t exist in the world. At least not the world I grew up in. Wow. What a way to be, so welcoming and generous — to total strangers!! Anyway, so we took 3 of their chickens. All of them are 7 month old Silkies, and I only have this one crappy picture of them, so I’ll take some soon and post them.

If you’re unfamiliar with these chickens, google them. You’ll love them. They’re fuzzy, not smooth like normal birds. Totally fluffy, with fluffy heads, and fuzzy legs and feet. We took 1 white hen, 1 buff (tan-ish) hen, and 1 white rooster. The rooster is sweet, and still a total studly guy. Struts his stuff and cocks his doodle all day. And, like I’ve mentioned before, I have limited chicken experience, so maybe we just got lucky, but I’d like to believe it’s the way they were designed by God and nature: The roosters are such gentlemen! The chivalry! Wow, boys, get a rooster and some hens and take notes. The babes will come flocking… (Pun fail. Couldn’t be stopped. Laughing at myself. Apologies.)

So the Silkie rooster is called Lewellen – like the guy in No Country for Old Men. What a downer right. Seemed like an appropriately awkward country name for a rugged, fluffy country cock.

That night, the guy we got the 4 lady chicks from delivered the coop:


Notice the super excellent wood frame and door? Jared built that, with brawn and steel and manliness. Actually, it was carefully planning, wood and a saw. But it was still friggin’ manly as anything. The coop needs a little work, but eventually the chickens will all live in the much larger coop that we’re building in a few weeks, and our future turkeys (oops, just spilled those beans all over the place) will live in the red house.

Notice the brawn and the manliness.

James helped build too. Actually he patrolled the perimeter and napped in the grass… in the rain.

So, the next day, we met this other woman in the area who was giving away some chickens, she also felt that she had too many to properly care for. Her hens laid some eggs, as they do, and she didn’t get them fast enough, and felt too guilty to “terminate” the babies so she let them hatch and is finding them homes.  Meet Friday and Haynesville:

Jared and Friday

D and Haynesville

Aren’t they pretty? That Friday is a handsome devil. And what a guy – He and Haynesville are a little older than the 4 original chicks, we put them in with the little girls anyway so that Friday will bond to them, and they’ll be “his” girls once they’re old enough to go in the coop. Lewellen, the Silkie, has “his” girls already, so this will help avoid any conflict between the 2 boys since they’re already in cliques. I found Friday, yesterday, sitting on LaVerne with his wings wrapped around her to keep her warm. LaVerne, you may remember, is named after my gramma. So when I saw our young rooster wrapped up with LaVerne, naturally, I named him Friday – after my grampa. Yes, his name was Friday. Well, his birth name was L.B. which stood for nothing, so everyone called him Friday, which really also had no meaning. It was just badass and awesome, and he was both of those, so it stuck. Friday the rooster is also badass and awesome, it just works all the way around.

My mom named Haynesville after an oil drill location in Louisiana, because she’s black but shines green and purple like an oil spot.

And to wrap up our chicken adventure for the weekend ever-so-perfectly:

Thanks girls

Our first egg.<3



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  1. Amanda permalink
    April 13, 2010 8:02 am

    OH MY WORD. I am very happy.

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