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Smoke Plume in the Rain

April 5, 2010

This afternoon I started a fire that gradually brought our house up from sixty-four degrees to seventy-three.  It felt awesome.

We woke up early to go fishing at Eagle Creek.  Didn’t catch anything except a few snags, but it was a beautiful start to our Sunday.  I was thinking about a series of photos called I GO DOWN TO THE RIVER TO PRAY by photographer Derek Henderson.

Later in the morning we visited our friend Lisa who boards our greyhounds for us and is generally just an awesome person.  From her place on a clear day you can see Mt. Hood, but today only the closer peaks were visible.  Snow was covering more areas than I’ve seen all winter.  Makes sense: yesterday it got down to the upper thirties.

After that I fixed up the dog run again with some new found free fence, an improvement from the chicken-wire run we’d thrown together.  Shortly thereafter we received a delivery of wood from a man we met through craigslist.  We got a cord of wood altogether: about a third dry and seasoned and the rest cut earlier this winter.  First time I’ve stacked wood in years!

Here it is, all nice and stacked and somewhat covered:

And here’s Dee being a champ and carrying some wood to the house for a fire:

(notice the bogs)

Those are the highlights of this Easter Sunday.  Dee also whipped the house into shape and we’re trying to figure out how to furnish our extra space here… Looking at rad rocking chairs.  Still researching chicken coops too.

I also found out that Estacada has a farmers market starting in May, so I’m excited for that to start up.  Yesterday we went into Portland and went to the downtown farmers market for the first time.  It was a really great reminder of what I love about them: truly local items being sold by the hands that tend or create them.  I picked up some smoked salmon, some honey from Estacada, produce, coffee from Cafe Velo (who also has a new shop on SW 6th and Pine and rotates Ecco coffee into their lineup), and some tasty lunch from the stands.  Here’s Jeremy from Cafe Velo:

After the farmers market we caught up with Alastair for a bit and went to the new Barista, now officially open on Alberta.  What an awesome weekend.


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  1. April 5, 2010 3:38 am

    (notice the filth on the bogs.)


  2. April 5, 2010 3:50 am

    …make that a toasty 75 degrees, thanks to your ultra manly wood-burning fire.

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