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Just crocheting in my rocker with the hounds.

April 5, 2010

I totally couldn’t help myself:

I bought this amazing antique rocking chair for $50 from this really nice couple on craigslist. Jared’s rocking chair has yet to choose him. Stay tuned for that event.

The den, which has the wood burning stove and the brick platform and the huge pantry with wood doors and the sliding door out to the deck, was begging for some rocking chairs. REAL ones, not those lame overstuffed La-Z-Boy gliders with a synchronized gliding ottoman. (I just pictured us each in a modern design glider chair, facing each other, sharing the ottoman between us, gliding together in perfect synch, sipping mocha frappuccinos out of our his and hers Macy’s Martha Stewart Collection thermal mugs, with our 3 perfect purebred dogs and our purebred street cat all silently surrounding us sitting like sphinxes with their matching velvet and swarovski crystal collars. And barfed a little bit.)

So, instead of living that nightmare, which we all know starts with the glider chairs and ends with the warped Stepford family, we opted for the antique country furnishings.


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  1. April 6, 2010 11:04 am

    I just spooted my soy/almond fairtrade organic decaf capuccino on my iMac!

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